4 Ways to Get Involved in the Fight to Save Gorillas

By Scarlett Rockhold, Communications Manager at Zoo Knoxville In honor of World Gorilla Day, I’m excited to share with you ways that you can get involved in the fight to save gorillas. Before learning about what you can do to help save this critically endangered species, it is important to first learn how they became … Continue reading “4 Ways to Get Involved in the Fight to Save Gorillas”

Serious Business

“Fun on the outside, serious about animals on the inside.” We loved that sentence from the minute we first heard it from the creative director helping us design our new logo in 2015. “That’s us!” we said. And we’ve used it ever since to describe our personality and our culture. But while we appreciate fun … Continue reading “Serious Business”

Bashir and Arya – Malayan Tigers Carnivore Courtship

Tiger courtship and breeding behavior is, well, complicated.  Tigers are solitary animals and only seek out a potential mate when it is time to breed.  Introduce them at the wrong time and you may find one or both tigers pretty unhappy to be in each other’s company, and risk a scuffle where someone could get … Continue reading “Bashir and Arya – Malayan Tigers Carnivore Courtship”