Ready to Roar? Arya’s arrived.

There’s a new girl in town. Arya arrived in Knoxville by special delivery from the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in California on January 26. In a few weeks, when construction is complete on the new 1.6 acre Tiger Forest, she will become the first resident of one of the best tiger habitats in the country.

There are fewer than 400 Malayan tigers left worldwide. They are being hunted to meet the demand for tiger body parts in Asia and the forests where they live are being destroyed by unsustainable farming.  This amazing species’ best chance of survival is conservation programs like the one at Zoo Knoxville. Arya will be joining our two Malayan tiger brothers, Bashir and Tanvir, on the recommendation of the Malayan Tiger Species Survival Plan, which is a collaborative effort of all zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to save them from extinction. When she’s ready, we’ll introduce her to the boys. Hopefully, she’ll think one is the “cat’s meow,” and Tiger Forest will be home to a litter of Malayan tiger cubs: another step in the journey to preserving this species.


Curious, vocal and intelligent, Arya is a regal ambassador for her species. Are you ready to roar? Because Arya’s arrived!


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