Wildly Fun Learning Experiences

Zoo Knoxville offers a variety of fun educational experiences to help you meet your curriculum needs while visiting the zoo.  To help you plan we’ve compiled a list of experiences and grade level expectations that match.

Experiences and GLE's

Make your visit even more effective by adding a special learning experience with a zoo educator!  Not only are these programs fun and engaging, they also fulfill Tennessee State Standards on a variety of topics.  Additionally, each experience can be tailored to introduce, highlight or wrap up a unit of your curriculum.


  • Get your students thinking about what you want them to learn before exploring the zoo with a quick and fun 10-15 minute introduction to a science concept presented by a zoo educator. See program topics below.
  • Programs are $1 per student for up to 150 students.


  • Take your group of 8th grade students or older on a 45 minute zoo tour with a dedicated zoo educator for an unforgettable fun and educational trip.
  • Learning Tours are $2 per student for groups up to 35.


  • Your students can learn about the scientific process while participating in real science, whether studying soil creatures, native herpetology, plant phenology, arboreal insects or other on-going research projects at the zoo in this one hour program. See program topics below.
  • Available for 3rd grade and older, research programs are $3 per student for up to 25 students.


  • Explore your science topic in a zoo classroom setting with one of our educators and three of our ambassador animals in this interactive 45 minute program. See program topics below.
  • Available for all grades, classroom programs are $4 per student for up to 60 students (maximum 3 programs per day for 180 students total).

Program Topics

Please note that we limit group sizes to give each student a more personal experience. If your group is larger than our maximum, you may schedule additional classes.

Contact us for more information on field trips and learning experiences at fieldtrips@zooknoxville.org or call 865.637.5331.