Field Trips

Field trips to Zoo Knoxville offer students an opportunity to learn about wildlife and wild places from all over the planet, right here in East Tennessee. We offer three learning experience options. 

NEW for 2018-Knox County, Tennessee, students receive FREE admission on school field trips!

Knox Co. Details

Field Trip Rates


$6.00 per student


$8.00 per student


$15.00 in advance or $17 day of event per individual
One free chaperone ticket provided for each 10 students
Accredited schools, preschools, year-round daycare, head start programs and organized home school co-ops are eligible for reduced field trip admission rates.

To Plan Your Field Trip:

  • Complete and return the Field Trip Reservation Form at least 3 weeks in advance of your trip.
  • Once registered, you will be emailed a confirmation packet which includes arrival information and suggested activities.
  • To receive discounted field trip rates, schools must make one payment for the entire group in the form of cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover), or school/business-affiliated check. Please note that anyone paying separately will be charged the full price of admission.
  • Buses park is free; parking for other vehicles is $5.
  • For cancellations and reservation changes (including rain dates) contact our Admissions Department at 865.637.5331 ext. 1440.
  • Box lunches may be ordered for your visit. Please reserve lunches 3 weeks in advance and make one payment for entire order at the time of pick up.



Make the most of your visit by adding a special learning experience with a zoo educator!  Not only are these programs fun and engaging, they also fulfill Tennessee State Standards on a variety of topics. Additionally, each experience can be tailored to introduce, highlight or wrap up a unit of your curriculum.

Science Concept Introduction NEW!

  • Get your students thinking about what you want them to learn before exploring the zoo with a quick and fun 10-15 minute introduction to a science concept presented by a zoo educator. See program topics below.
  • Programs are $1 per student for up to 150 students.

Guided Tour

  • Take your group of 8th grade students or older on a 45 minute zoo tour with a dedicated zoo educator for an unforgettable fun and educational trip.
  • Learning Tours are $2 per student for groups up to 35.

Zoo Research Program NEW!

  • Your students can learn about the scientific process while participating in real science, whether studying soil creatures, native herpetology, plant phenology, arboreal insects or other on-going research projects at the zoo in this one hour program. See program topics below.
  • Available for 3rd grade and older, research programs are $3 per student for up to 25 students.
  • Topics are chosen by the zoo educator based on weather, season and availability, but you can make requests. Possible topics include soil composition,

Classroom Program

  • Explore your science topic in a zoo classroom setting with one of our educators and three of our ambassador animals in this interactive 45 minute program. See program topics below.
  • Available for all grades, classroom programs are $4 per student for up to 60 students (maximum 3 programs per day for 180 students total).

Program Topics

Please note that we limit group sizes to give each student a more personal experience. If your group is larger than our maximum, you may schedule additional classes.

Don’t have time for a program? There are plenty of other fun and educational experiences to help you meet your curriculum needs while visiting the zoo. To help you plan we’ve compiled a list of experiences and grade level expectations that match.

Experiences & GLE's


Contact us for more information on field trips and learning experiences at or call 865.637.5331.

Click here to download the Field Trip Risk Management Plan PDF