Yellow-backed Duiker

Ruby, our Yellow-backed duiker, (pronounced DIE-kur), spends her morning hours foraging for tasty treats in her shaded, gently sloping habitat near our Great Apes complex. She can be seen rubbing logs and trees with the scent glands located beneath her eyes. Part of the Species Survival Program, Ruby will one day make a valuable contribution to save duikers from extinction.

Did You Know?

Life Expectancy
22 Years in captivity
Conservation Status
Near Threatened
140 pounds with females larger than males



Found in the west and central forests of Africa, these animals are suited to a uniquely low-fiber diet that contains mostly fruit. They are primarily solitary, with males and females occasionally living in close proximity. Due to their tendency to freeze in torchlight, the Yellow-backed duiker is easily hunted for the bushmeat trade, their most serious threat in the wild.

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