White-handed Gibbon

Our boy Georgie is the star of the show, brachiating from one end of his large, arboreal habitat in Asia Trek to the other. He enjoys watching our guests and may zip over to a crowd to say hello! Gibbon Trails habitat allows guests several vantage points from which to observe Georgie and his mate, Malay, from the treehouse to the overhead tunnels. Part of the Species Survival Plan, Georgie and Malay will hopefully one day make their contribution to the White Handed Gibbon Species Survival Plan breeding efforts. To learn more, visit https://www.gibbonssp.org/.

Did You Know?

Life Expectancy
45 years in captivity
Conservation Status
15-20 pounds


Southwest China

Found in Southwest China, southward to the Malay peninsula, populations are becoming increasingly fragmented due to habitat destruction. Rarely coming to the understory of the forest, they often share the canopy with many other species of primates.

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