Western Lowland Gorillas

As part of the Species Survival Plan, our Western Lowland Gorilla family has made a significant contribution to the population in the last few years. Three youngsters call Gorilla Valley home. They spend their days tumbling about their habitat, playing chase up and down the climbing structure, and foraging for leaves and treats while the adult members of their troop look on.

Did You Know?

Forest & Swamp
Life Expectancy
50 years in captivity
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered
350-400, 150-200 pounds - males, females respectively


Western and Central Africa

Found in dense forests in Western Central Africa, the Western Lowland Gorilla forages in family groups, preferring fruits to leaves when they are in season. Poaching for meat and the pet trade are the primary reasons for the sharp decline in populations over the last 25 years.

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Wanto gets a check-up!

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