Southern White Rhinos

Living out their golden years in their comfortable habitat, Dolly and Polly have been friends for 4 decades. They are never found very far from each other, either out in their yard or in their barn. They spend their time grazing hay and watching zoo guests or taking a nap in their mud hole. They can be easily identified by their horns, which each lady has shaped to her own preference by rubbing on rocks and tree stumps. Part of the Species Survival Plan, our ladies have contributed a combined total of 20 calves to the population over the years.

Did You Know?

Grasslands & Savanna
Life Expectancy
40-50 Years
Conservation Status
Near Threatened
5k, 3k lbs Males, females respectively


South Africa

Over 98% of Southern white rhinoceros are found in just five countries in Southern Africa. Their horns, made of keratin, are valued for folk remedies and for carving into such things as dagger handles. International efforts are underway to save these magnificent animals. For more information, visit

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