Silvered Leaf Langurs

Visit our six silvered-leaf langurs in the beautiful Langur Landing, where you can observe our family clambering up and down their climbing structures, in play. Get a birds’ eye view from the top of the treehouse, get close during a training session with their keepers. As part of the Species Survival Plan, we hope our two adult females will have the opportunity to successfully breed.


Did You Know?

30 Years in captivity
Near Threatened
1.1lbs, 11oz Males, females respectively


Southeast Asia

Found in the rainforest canopies of southeast Asia, Silvered-Leaf Langurs are born bright orange to help them hide from predators such as jaguars, whose vision perceives orange as green. The color fades after a few months, leaving them the beautiful grizzled silver of the adults.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Opie!

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