North American Beavers

Found in Kids Cove, our refuge for native and heritage animals, our beaver habitat boasts beautiful naturalistic features that provides them with plenty of activities. Come face-to-face with one of our beaver family as they rest in their den. Watch them construct their own lodge with “trees” they have felled and shaped themselves.

Did You Know?

Streams, ponds, rivers, marshes
10-15 Years
Least Concern
25-70lbs on average


North America

The North American Beaver’s range extends from the Arctic tundra down to Northern Mexico. These animals are the conservationists of the animal kingdom, constructing lodges that provide habitat and refuge for a variety of woodland animals, most especially waterfowl. Once considered to be detrimental to the landscape, researchers now know that the presence of beavers improves water quality and helps the land become more drought resistant.

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