Narragansett Turkey

Nestled in the heart of Kids Cove, our Narragansett Turkeys’ home allows our guests to get a close-up view of these unique birds.

Did You Know?

7-10 Years
22-28lbs, 12-16lbs Toms, hens respectively


Northeastern United States

The Narragansett Turkey was the foundation of commercial turkey breeding in the Northeastern United States. Noted as easy keepers, these birds required little in the way of supplemental feeding and instead foraged on their own for insects and plants. Flocks of over 100 birds were not uncommon in the late 19th century. Outcompeted by other turkey breeds in the marketplace, numbers of Narragansett Turkeys plummeted until the early 2000s when farmers began to produce them again in earnest. For more information, visit

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Talking Turkeys in Kids Cove

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