Hamadryas Baboons

Come face to face with our Hamadryas Baboons at the Valley of the Kings. Revered by ancient Egyptians, our troop feels right at home perched in the shadow of a pyramid sculpture. These animals have strong social bonds and a very complex communication system. Most at home on rocky cliffs, our boys spend their time perched on their climbing structure. Observe their complex social behaviors, including grooming and looking out for predators.

Did You Know?

Savanna Rocky Cliffs
Life Expectancy
20 Years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
45-65, 22-30 lbs Males, females respectively


The Horn of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula

Hamadryas Baboons are found in dry, rocky regions. These animals use rocky cliffs for sleep and to help sight water in the distance. They have a complex social structure. One male have as many as 10 females in his harem.

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