Southern Ground Hornbills

Southern Ground Hornbills are one of two species of Ground Hornbills, and they are the largest species of Hornbill in the world. Their striking black and red coloration is sure to catch your eye during your visit, and you may get to hear their lion-like call, produced by inflating their wattle (throat pouch). This species lives in family groups of up to ten birds in the wild, and they mate for life. They may only raise one chick every 9 years! They are very intelligent and require frequent enrichment in the form of treats, toys, and training to keep them active and engaged. How many kinds of enrichment can you find in their exhibit?

Did You Know?

Grasslands, Woodlands & Savanna
Life Expectancy
30-40 Years
Conservation Status
13, 8 lbs Males, females respectively



From Kenya down to Southern Africa. Ground Hornbills follow herds of gazelle and other hoofstock, eating insects, rodents, snakes, and frogs that are flushed out as the herds move.

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