African Elephants

At Stokely African Elephant Preserve, you may find the zoo’s three African elephants Jana, Edie and Tonka taking a swim in their pool or see the behind-the-scenes care they receive from the elephant barn’s indoor viewing area. Tonka is the largest African bull elephant in the U.S., weighing in at over 15,000 pounds. Learn more about how you can help wild elephants at

Did You Know?

Life Expectancy in Human Care
50-60 Years
Conservation Status
5,000-14,000 Pounds


Sub-Saharan Africa

The African Elephant is very broad in its range, and moves between a variety of habitats, from dense forest, open and closed savanna, grassland and the deserts of Namibia and Mali. They are also found over wide altitudinal and latitudinal ranges – from mountain slopes to oceanic beaches, and from the northern tropics to the southern temperate zone.

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Play date with Edie & Tonka

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