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Adopt an Animal

Support Zoo Knoxville by adopting an animal and help provide a year of care for your favorite zoo resident. Your contribution underwrites the best in nutrition, veterinary care and a safe and enriching environment that keeps your adoptee healthy and happy. Animal adoptions can also be given as gifts in honor of a designated recipient, and we offer classroom adoptions that include an educational introduction to their special species when students come for a field trip.

Adoption Packages

ZOO Dollar Ammounts-25  STARTER SET

This introductory adoption includes one issue of Wild Wonders magazine and a gift tag (if requested).

ZOO Dollar Ammounts-40  FLAT PACK

This adoption includes an introductory issue of Wild Wonders magazine in addition to a one-year subscription, and certificate and animal information comes mailed in a keepsake Adopt-An-Animal folder with a gift tag (if requested).


This package allows you to adopt Zoo Knoxville’s internationally renowned “spokesbird”!  It is mailed in keepsake Adopt-An-Animal folder and includes an 8″ x 10″ photo of Einstein, a yearlong subscription to Knoxville Zoo’s Wild Wonders magazine with an introductory issue and a gift tag (if requested).

ZOO Dollar Ammounts-75  WILDLY FUN! BOX

This adoption package arrives in a special  box that includes a plush of your adopted species with a gift tag (if requested). It also includes a yearlong subscription to Zoo Knoxville’s Wild Wonders magazine with an introductory issue and an invitation for a private keeper chat with one of your animal’s caregivers (to be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time).

ZOO Dollar Ammounts-100  CLASSROOMS GO WILD!

Everyone in your class gets in on the act with this adoption package!  Your class will receive a special “critter crate” with a plush of your adopted species as your class mascot, zoo pencils for all students, a one-year subscription to Zoo Knoxville’s Wild Wonders magazine with an introductory issue, and a personal introduction to your adopted animal during a private education session on their next field trip to the zoo.*

*When your class adopts an animal and schedules a field trip through our education department, they are eligible to attend an education session during their field trip. Education sessions are coordinated through the Membership Coordinator following confirmation of your field trip from the education department.

ZOO Dollar Ammounts-500  PLATINUM ADOPTION

Our Platinum Adopters will not only get to schedule a private behind-the-scenes tour of their adopted animal’s area (subject to safety regulations), they will also become a member of Zoo Knoxville’s Circle of Friends and become more connected with the zoo’s mission of conservation. Circle of Friends members receive receive unlimited zoo admission and free parking for an entire year.  Additionally, Platinum Adopters will receive an invitation to our yearly Circle of Friends welcome reception, four guest passes, 20 complimentary carousel ride tokens and recognition in Wild Wonders magazine and on Zoo Knoxville’s website.


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Adoption Packages include:

  • A personalized certificate of adoption with information about your adopted animal
  • A photo of your adopted species
  • Recognition in Zoo Knoxville’s Wild Wonders magazine for you or your designated recipient