Komodo Dragon

Habitat: Pilot Company Wee Play Adventure

Meet Slim, Zoo Knoxville’s newest Komodo Dragon. Hatched in 2012 at Memphis Zoo, Slim went to live at Bronx Zoo in New York City for a stint before returning to Tennessee. The largest species of lizard on Earth, Komodo Dragons can reach 10-feet in length and weigh 330 pounds when mature. These giant dragons are excellent hunters, and researchers have discovered they bring down prey using venom in combination with sharp, serrated teeth and powerful neck muscles. They can eat 80 percent of their body weight in a single feeding. Populations are vulnerable in their native range of the islands of Indonesia. Although Komodo dragons have excellent navigation skills and athletic ability, they rarely venture out of the area they are hatched in, putting them at risk due to climate change, sea-level rise, and human threats like poaching and burning of habitat to clear it for other uses.